The Road to a Healthy Heart

The Road to a Healthy Heart

On September 29th, we celebrated World Heart Day. The purpose of this day was to bring awareness on cardiovascular diseases and on educating people on how to prevent them. Cardiovascular disease [CVD] is the world’s #1 killer, with 17.3 million death globally. Here are a few everyday tips on how to reduce and/or improve your risk on having a CVD.

Eating healthy is a way you can improve and/or prevent CVD. When we hear healthy food, we think of bland food. Maybe once upon a time this was true, but in this day in age that shouldn’t be the case. There are so many cookbooks, online recipe, and tutorial on how to cook delish food that are heart friendly. No more will you have to eat a bland chicken breast, you can instead have Grilled Pork with Blackberry-Sage Sauce. That’s just one example of the many recipes you can find.

Another way you can improve and/or prevent CVD is exercise. Not all of us exercise as regularly or at all for that matter. There are simple ways you can easily introduce a routine that you can stick to. It can be simply as walking your dog around your neighborhood, going to the gym, or even working out in the comfort of your home. We have to put our part in attempting to introduce exercise in our life, even if it’s just 30 minutes of our day.

Last but not least another way to improve and/or prevent CVD is using infrared saunas. Infrared rays penetrate, 1-2 inches in your body, which creates a heating effect for your internal organs and muscle tissue without creating a heavy load for your heart to handle. It also improves circulation which helps you normalize your blood pressure, and maintaining normal ranges of blood pressure eases your blood vessels and heart’s workload. All around infrared saunas help promote better cardiovascular health.

Maintaining a healthy heart should be important to all of us. Let’s go for a quick walk, cook a delish and healthy meal, or invest in an infrared sauna. JNH Lifestyles has a nice variety to choose from. The hardest part will be trying to decide which is the right sauna for you. Until next time.