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Infrared sauna is a life-long investment and we want you to be 110% comfortable while making that decision. We believe our saunas speak for themselves but here are ra few reasons why we are different from others.

We specialize and only sell infrared saunas

Industry Expert

We specialize and only sell infrared saunas

Customers Love JNH

Customers Love Us

98% of our customers would recommend us to their friends and family

Since 89

Since 1989

We have been designing, engineering and making infrared saunas for 30 years

Australia's Only Direct Distributor

Direct Distributor

You are not paying for middle-man when purchasing with us because we are the manufacturer

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna produces beneficial heat that helps you detox in a personal relaxed environment. Unlike traditional saunas, where the user typically pours water over hot rocks to generate steam that heats the air within the cabin; JNH Lifestyles infrared saunas use carbon fiber heater panels that emit far infrared (FIR) waves. FIR does not transfer its heat until it encounters a surface, such as your body. Once contact is made, FIR can penetrate up to 38mm past your skin and into your muscles. This heats your body from the inside out, providing an abundance of health benefits unachievable through traditional sauna means.

What is Infrared?

Everything in the world emits some degree of infrared, ranging from being virtually undetectable to the full-blown power of the sun. Infrared waves are found on the Electromagnetic Spectrum. When you spend time outdoors, the heat you feel shining from our sun is actually infrared waves penetrating your body. Our infrared saunas utilize the same form of energy, but in its most pure form and without all the harmful UV rays that accompany the suns warmth. JNH Lifestyles infrared saunas provide you with a comfortable and personal environment where you can enjoy one of the continually proven forms of heat in the convenience of your own home.

Which Model is Right for Me?

We offer various sauna sizes so anyone can find a unit that best fits their needs. Our infrared saunas range from 1 to 4 person capacities with two heater options and the full spectrum infrared upgrade. The classic standard carbon fiber heater offers all the benefits and luxuries of a personal infrared sauna at an economic value. The Ultra-Low EMF carbon fiber heater option allows customers who are medically inclined to reduce EMF exposure to use the sauna with ease. Upgrade and experience true full-spectrum infrared with every sauna session. Added health benefits include skin revitalization, enhanced collagen synthesis, improved wound healing, and can lessen fine lines/wrinkles.

What our
customers say

"It's no hoax. This sauna is incredible. I procrastinated the purchase for months until finally ordering a week ago. It's exceeded all my expectations…I didn't think it could beat the 200 degree traditional sauna that use 3x a week at my local gym but it did! I'm sweating more in this one!"

- Jay -

What our
customers say

"My doctor said I was full of toxins and eating wasn't going to fix it. He recommended that I get a far infrared sauna. I love it and it is very relaxing especially when I have my iphone plugged in with my favorite songs. So glad I purchased it!"

- Carol D -

What our
customers say

"I love this sauna! I originally brought to help my son's asthma but I find that I use it more than him. It is easy to assemble and great quality. I have had it almost a year and so far so good, no issues. Great Job JNH!"

- Lucretia W -

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