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Benefits & Dangers of Infrared Saunas



There are very few dangers involved with using far infrared saunas. The biggest far infrared sauna dangers concern those individuals who have existing conditions that may require them to avoid being exposed to extreme heat. Those who have had a stroke or a heart attack, for example, should avoid the use of saunas. There is the danger of overheating or dehydration, but both of these can be avoided by smart use of a sauna. For the most part, using far infrared saunas is completely safe.

However, some people may need to consult their General Practitioner before using an infrared sauna. These include:

  • Those with Silicone Implants
  • Eczema that continues to get worse
  • Those with heart disease
  • Sufferers of Angina

Is Alcohol Safe for a Sauna?

A Sauna should be avoided by those who are intoxicated. Alcohol affects the bodies ability to moderate your body temperature. This can result in overheating, dehydration and in some cases death. A 2008 study determined that of all sauna related deaths in Finland, 51% were due to alcohol related incidents and 25% were due to unrelated natural causes.


To help understand why the far infrared sauna products of JNH Lifestyles are so in demand, one must have some general knowledge of how saunas work. A traditional sauna uses a heat source that will produce temperatures of 185 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Indirect heat from steam helps produce deep sweating. An infrared sauna uses infrared rays to produce radiant heat. The temperature inside an infrared sauna is much lower, in the 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit range, yet the same deep sweating is still produced. The infrared heat penetrates the body and promotes vigorous sweating even at a lower temperature.


There are a number of health benefits associated with the use of infrared saunas. Sweating, of course, cools the body when its temperature rises, but there are other benefits as well. When the body sweats, it removes some of the toxins that have entered during the day. Things like copper, zinc, and lead exit the body through sweat. Bacteria is also brought out and is rinsed from the skin. This removal of bacteria improves circulation and promotes clean, healthy looking skin. When you sweat, dead skin cells are also removed and you end up with a beautiful complexion.

Sitting in an infrared sauna is similar to moderate exercise. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which help to alleviate pain. When you sweat in a sauna, your body produces the same endorphins. This can help to soothe the aches and pains of everyday life. The increase in body temperature also promotes better circulation throughout the body. This improved circulation helps the body’s natural healing process. If you work out regularly, a JNH Lifestyles sauna can help you recover quicker.

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