Terms & Conditions


It has always been JNH Lifestyle’s policy to treat our customers honestly, responsibly and fairly.   We agree to comply with Australia laws and legislations. We trade strictly according to Fair Trading Act 1999.


By placing an order for goods through JNH Saunas you are deemed to accept the terms and conditions of sale.

Data & Privacy

The information collected from you at the time you place an order (on you or those you gift to) will be stored in our database and is used solely to process your purchase and action your payment. This information is strictly confidential and is not entitled to pass to a third party.


We will only contact you in regards to process your purchase and should we have any difficulties providing you with the specific goods ordered. We will only email you to keep you informed on our updated product and promotion news.


We agree to supply you the goods described in our website or in our other promotional medias.

We act as soon as we can once we have received your order and payment. Please be advised that if you have an urgent order or any other urgent enquires, the best way is to call us on 03 9005 6488 to discuss your concerns.

Most of our goods are ready to be dispatched immediately from our warehouse.  Pre-order goods from overseas may be delivered to you as soon as the good arrives in Australia.


Our purchase price is for goods supplied and packed, and it is exclusive of transportation, installation and maintenance.

All prices are GST inclusive.

Prices are revisable at any time prior to accepting a purchase order.

All prices are given in Australian Dollar. 


It is our intention to maintain an accurate and efficient payment system for our customers. We provide four major payment options: Cash, BPAY, Credit Card and Direct Credit. 

Payment online is through Paypal or your own institution. Your private information will be totally secured. 


We rely on courier service to deliver the goods to your address. We monitor the performance of our carriers regularly and continuously. 

We could arrange courier/freight service for you upon request and goods are to be delivered to the address you provided to us. We do not deliver to PO BOX.

Delivery time is estimate only and no claims should be made in event of late shipment.

Please do not sign for any damaged parcels/cartons, otherwise you are accepting ownership of the damaged goods, no exception.

For customers who would like to arrange their own shipment, it is customer's sole responsibility to track down their item and claim against their shipper if any damage occured during transportation.

Purchase order can be cancelled only before a payment is made.

In the event of loss, late delivery or dissatisfaction with the product supplied by us, and a replacement is not acceptable, the goods need to be returned in full package to be entitled to refund.

Refunds are exclusive of transportation and installation or handling charges. You will be liable for all delivery costs occurred.


We are confident that we supply you the quality goods as we guaranteed and provide you the best service possible. Customer satisfactions are our long-term goal.  


Building and maintaining a happy relationship with customers is always our major concern. Although we have not received any complaints from our previous customers, we treat complaints promptly and seriously. 

You can either call us on 03 9005 6488   or email us at to discuss your situation (please have your invoice number ready), and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

We thank you in advance for your support.  

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