About Us

About Us

JNH Lifestyles, previously known as JNH Saunas, is Australia's only infrared sauna direct distributor. Established in 2007, our true mission is to help people improve their lives with a home sauna. We understand that every person has their own set of goals and their own unique perspective of what joyful, natural and healthy living means to them. Our customers want to detoxify, shed pounds, sleep better, purify their skin, improve circulation or simply relax. JNH Lifestyles makes infrared saunas affordable and accessible to people of all abilities because we believe each and every Australian household should share in the boundless benefits of having an infrared sauna. And we remain proud each day to give you that option.

We sell throughout Australia via authorized agents and professional retailers, and together we offer a full after sale service, with freely available advice seven days a week through a toll free service centre.

In addition, because we are so confident in our infrared products, we distribute not only nationally but also internationally. Whilst we are well represented we invite new national and international dealership enquires.

For all our infrared saunas, we provide limited warranties and lifetime ongoing support for all our customers, no matter if it involves technical difficulties or simple “what is infrared sauna?” questions for sauna first-time users, our team are more than glad to assist you. Got a question now? Call us on 1800612252.

Start a Joyful, Natural and Healthy living from today.

The JNH Lifestyles Team

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