8 Ways to a Healthier Heart

February is the Australian Heart Research Month, and is also known as the month of love all over the world. It’s the month when young lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day, which makes it even more important for heart health. If you’re interested in having a better heart health, here are some ways:

Become active

A moderately intensive aerobic session will help you start an active routine. You can start by doing mild aerobics for 15 minutes each day and then increase the duration to about 30-45 minutes. And you can always try other things like cycling to work – it will not just help you stay fit, but save gas money too!

Lose weight

If you’re overweight, then this is where you should start. Drop those bags of chips and cookies, and eat a salad. Eat more veggies and try to take small portions of food. This is going to be difficult at first, but then nobody said becoming healthy is easy. Snack on fruits instead of fried stuff. Also, drink plenty of water. This will help you easily get rid of the toxins.

Quit smoking

Smoking can increase your chances of a heart attack. If you leave smoking, you’ll have plenty of other benefits as well; for example, you’ll not smell all the time! Quitting smoking is hard and needs a lot of determination. If you find it too difficult, you can try nicotine gums and patches. And when you feel like smoking, just chew a carrot to take your mind off it.

Consume less salt

Salt has got sodium that can increase your blood pressure. To keep a check on your blood pressure, make sure you don’t eat foods rich in sodium. If you have a high blood pressure problem, cut down on salt in your dishes and you’ll start feeling lighter in a few days.

Try infrared sauna

Infrared sauna improves blood circulation. It also helps in toxin release, purifying the body and making it healthier. The heat generated in an infrared sauna is quite like the heat generated by the sun, except that the sauna heat is free of harmful ultraviolet rays. For more information, please read our infrared sauna 101 guide.

Eat fish

There are several types of fish that are rich in healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. While you can take Omega 3 supplements, you can also gorge on fresh salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel to enhance your heart health.

Cut back on alcohol

A drink of red wine with dinner is a good idea, but chugging beer sitting on a couch is not. So cut back on your alcohol intake. Instead of getting drunk in a bar, utilize that time in the gym; however, make sure you don’t do hardcore cardio workouts. Mild workouts are recommended if you have a heart problem.

Read the labels before you buy

When you go for grocery shopping, don’t buy too many processed foods. And if you do have to buy some cans, take care to read the labels. Knowing the ingredients will help you make an informed decision.

Follow these 8 simple methods to kick start on having a healthy heart for the many more years to come.