Why Far Infrared is Best for Your Personal Sauna

Most people have heard of infrared, but many aren't familiar with the far infrared light that we used in each sauna that we build for our customers. Far infrared is part of the light spectrum, but isn't visible to the human eye. You can't see it, but you can definitely feel it. Far infrared is felt as heat and can raise your body temperature several degrees, which is part of what activates healing benefits like weight loss and anti-inflammation, while it stimulates many of your internal systems in a positive manner as well. 

You can find far infrared light in other places than just our saunas, too! These rays are what you feel on your skin when standing outside on a sunny day. Far infrared rays is part of what makes up those lovely sunbeams that make you feel happier and healthier after spending some time outside. But because standing in the sun too long and for too often can damage your skin and create terrible health concerns, it's better to get your dose of infrared rays from our sauna. 

Far infrared light has been used as a natural healing method for years, and now you can have it right in the privacy of your own home. Order one of our saunas today and you'll be able to install it in your home in no time. Think of it as having healthy, non-skin-damaging sunshine in a box! We have a great selection of personal saunas, so you are sure to be able to find one that fits your needs and your space. Order today and we'll ship it to you for free!