De-stress and Unwind – Here are Some Simple Tips to Kill that Exhaustion after the Easter Weekend

When we’re tired, it’s our body whispering to us that it needs rest. But sometimes we ignore these signals just so that we can be more productive. There are many events that can be tiring, and one such event that is coming up is Easter. 

Easter weekend can be a bit tiring, especially if you have kids. After a long weekend, you must be looking for ideas to just relax and unwind. Here are a few things that will help you recharge your power meter.

A Relaxing Cup

Sit back with a cup of green tea to kick away the stress. While green tea is good for health, slowly enjoying a cup of warm tea while savoring each sip can take away your stress. There are many blends to choose from: lemon, chamomile, ginger, and others.

Watch a Game

It can be football, soccer, or ice hockey – watch whatever is currently playing. Watching sports can be an entertaining activity, especially if done with friends. You can put some snacks and beverages on the table and switch on the telly. Many people take a break from long and hectic work days by watching sports.


A sauna is another way to shed some stress. When you’re in the sauna, your body will release sweat and your muscles will become less tight and more relaxed. There are different types of saunas and the infrared one is the most popular because it is healthy and eco-friendly. It gives the same effect as the warmth from the sun, except it does not have harmful ultraviolet rays.


You don’t have to do difficult yoga poses for hours. Just a single yoga pose (child pose) can calm down your nerves. To do this pose, just kneel on the ground and sit on your heels. Exhale slowly and rest your stomach on your thighs while resting your head on the floor. Keep your arms on the side of the body with your palms facing up, and make sure the sole faces upwards.

Wine and dine

Have some relaxing time with friends – not colleagues or relatives, but just the closest friends. Have a glass of wine and a relaxing dinner together. It can help you unwind after the long Easter weekend. You can put the kids to bed early and have a nice time with your best friends.


You can always listen to Mozart’s symphonies to relax. With the right music, your blood pressure will stabilize and heart rate will become normal. If you’re tired, just play your favorite music and chill out. You can even drink green tea while playing the music. This way you’ll feel relaxed sooner. If you’re not a music person, you can just play the sounds of sea waves or birds chirping.


Gardening can be a good way to unwind, but if you are physically tired, you shouldn’t do strenuous gardening activities. Try something easy like pulling out weeds or just sitting and relaxing on the grass.

Try these simple methods to beat the stress of the long weekend and get recharged in no time.