5 Reasons to Eat Chocolate – You’ll Be Surprised What That Little Brown Bar Can Do

Easter’s gone and most of us have a lot of chocolate left over. If you haven’t already gorged on all that yummy cocoa, there must be something holding you back. It’s the tastiest thing on earth and you possibly don’t need another reason to eat chocolate… but just in case you’re looking for a reason, we have not one, but five great reasons to chow down all that deliciousness.

1. It is rich in antioxidants: Dark chocolate is loaded with disease fighting antioxidants called flavonoids. They are also found in several fruits, vegetables, and wines. And the good thing is that chocolate contains more flavonoids than most other foods.

Flavonoids improve the blood flow to your heart and help in lowering the blood pressure. Some studies have proved that chocolate is actually a superfood that can prevent clogged arteries. And when the good bacteria in the stomach break down chocolate, it creates compounds that can reduce inflammation of the cardiovascular tissue. This, in turn, reduces the chances of a stroke. And that’s not all, some studies have shown that adults who consume chocolate regularly have generally lower BMI than the ones who don’t each chocolate.

2. It reduces stress: When you feel your stress melting away as you dig your teeth into a delicious bar of chocolate, it’s not just your imagination. Research shows that with daily intake of dark chocolate, you reduce the physical effects of stress on your body. With a healthy chocolate intake, your stress hormones are flushed out, helping you have a fit body and mind.

3. It helps with portion and weight control: Weight control with chocolate? Yes, that’s true. If you give in to your urges too easily and scoop out ice cream after dinner, it’s best to chow down a slab of dark chocolate instead of digging out ice cream or gorging on cake. This is why regular chocolate eaters have low BMIs than non-eaters. However, you need to make sure that you stick to just one portion of dark chocolate. And if you want to lose weight, there are other ways as well, such as early morning jogging, drinking a lot of water, and using an infrared sauna regularly.

4. It has natural caffeine: If you are a regular coffee drinker, you’ll find that dark chocolate can have a similar impact on the body. It is not the same as coffee, so you would still need your early morning coffee fix, but it can certainly help in keeping you alert. So if you generally feel drowsy at work after lunch, try a serving of dark chocolate. It will stimulate your nervous system and you’ll feel more energetic at work.

5. It keeps you happy: If you’ve still not found the secret of happiness, try chocolate. This just might be the thing you were looking for. Ever notice how people gulp down chocolates after a break-up? There’s science behind it. Dark chocolate contains tryptophan, which helps in the release of serotonin, the natural mood enhancer.

So yeah, chocolate is great for health. But make sure you choose your chocolate carefully. Dark chocolate is loaded with goodness, but most chocolates are just full of sugar and caramel. Select the right chocolate and enjoy your dessert!