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3 Person Sauna

Buy 3 person far infrared sauna online

You no longer have to wait for a trip to the spa or the country club to enjoy the deep relaxation that a sauna can provide. On the contrary, when you buy a 3 person far infrared sauna online from JNH Lifestyles, you can reap those benefits every day. Best of all, you can share the experience with a few friends, saving everyone a trip to the spa or golf course.

Using eight infrared heaters situated around the unit, this sauna design produces radiant energy, not unlike the heat you experience when you are out in the sun. This use of radiant heat—rather than indirect heat from steam—makes the sauna experience somewhat milder than what you would expect from a traditional sauna. If you like the idea of a sauna but can't usually last in the steam for longer than 15 or 20 minutes, a far infrared design might suit you better.

Indeed, if you buy this 3 person far infrared sauna from the JNH Lifestyles online store, you will get a sauna that is completely safe and healthy to use. The radiant heat provides heat similar to that of the sun, but without any of the harmful ultraviolet rays. The construction, meanwhile, is 100% Canadian hemlock wood, which contains no added chemicals. Finally, the intuitive control panel allows you to monitor and alter the interior temperature of the sauna with ease.

Please note that extra features—including chromotherapy lights, oxygen ionisers and ergonomic comfort sets—are available at additional cost.

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