Infrared Sauna for Sale on the Gold Coast

Find a Great Infrared Sauna for Sale on the Gold Coast and Enjoy It with Friends!

People the world over have been enjoying both the physical benefits and the social aspects of saunas for hundreds of years. In Finland, saunas are such a part of the culture that they are even present in offices! If you have experienced a sauna, you know how great it can leave you feeling. However, putting a Finnish-style sauna into your Australian home is a difficult challenge. JNH Lifestyles produces an infrared sauna for sale on the Gold Coast that will give you the same great experience right in your own home, but in a much easier-to-use package!

Our saunas use the far infrared spectrum of light to warm your body. This is the same method used to warm newborns in neonatal units -- so if it's safe for newborns, it's safe for adults, too. The sturdy wood construction buckles together easily for a quick setup. Then you simply plug it into a standard outlet and enjoy. As the infrared rays warm your body, your core temperature increases, encouraging better blood flow throughout your body and promoting a sense of wellness.

Invite your friends and replicate the Finnish experience right at home. Our spacious units can accommodate your friends and you as you soak up the warmth and chat. It's a unique experience you're sure to enjoy. JNH Lifestyles believes everyone can benefit from saunas, and we're happy to help educate you on any questions you have about our products and how they work. With years of experience and a passion for great customer service, JNH Lifestyles is the place to go when looking for an infrared sauna for sale on the Gold Coast. Visit our contact page to enquire for more info.


You’ve heard the rumours - persistent little whispers about the dangers of far infrared saunas on the Gold Coast, accusations of EMF frequencies and ionisation. You worry about bringing such a machine into your home. You fear it will somehow explode in a puff of heat and ultraviolet waves.

JNH Lifestyles promises that this won’t happen. Far infrared saunas on the Gold Coast are rather perfectly safe and ideally constructed, with our team delivering exceptional standards with every model.

To provide our customers with the comfort they deserve we embrace ISO9001:2000 certification, complying with both national regulations and our own in-house demands. This ensures that our saunas meet - and exceed - expectations, with our Copper Range, Silver Range, Gold Range, and other options offering sustainable results. We also deliver a variety of safety, production, and electrical accreditations. These prove our commitment to quality:

  • RoHS
  • ETL (United States)
  • ETL (Canada)
  • CE
  • C-TICK
  • CC
  • UL
  • FCS

Through these certifications, we can better ensure the quality of each design - and appease the concerns of our customers. Our saunas are safe, effective, and ideal for every home.

Are you considering far infrared saunas on the Gold Coast? Contact JNH Lifestyles today to learn more about our many options (including our two-seaters, three-seaters, and even four-seaters). We’ll happily answer any questions regarding the production process and EMF concerns:


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