Traditional or Infrared? Which Is Best for a Home Sauna in Canberra?

Are you considering a home sauna in Canberra? Do yourself a favour and do some research on the differences between traditional saunas and infrared models. At JNH Lifestyles, we continue to make infrared saunas that each and every Australian household can afford. As a result, Australians everywhere can enjoy all of the benefits of infrared sauna.

One of the biggest differences between our infrared saunas and traditional models is the heat. A traditional dry sauna uses a heater that will produce temperatures of anywhere from 150 to 185 degrees. In one of our infrared saunas, you will experience temperatures between 120 and 140 degrees, but you will also experience a deep penetrating heat that will force your body to sweat profusely. If your goal is to spend more time in a sauna, the infrared model lets you do so without the exposure to extreme heat.

When you install a home sauna in your Canberra home from JNH Lifestyles, it comes with an exterior that is built to last. Every time you use the sauna, it will expand and contract because of the change in temperature. Our infrared saunas use DuraPanels™ which is made from Eco Certified Red Cedar and Hemlock wood. The panels resist splitting and cracking and will last over time.

Our infrared saunas also come with on-tap digital control. You can select your desired temperature on the control panel of your sauna. Choose the time for your session and reap the benefits of heat therapy. Adjust the temperature as necessary. There is no need to add water to your heater as in traditional saunas.

For more information on installing a home sauna in your Canberra home, contact JNH Lifestyles on 1 800 512 252 or email us at

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