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Specially Crafted for One

While we offer multi-person infrared saunas, we understand that not everyone has the space or desire for a large unit. Our Joyous 1 Person Infrared Saunas are built to feel spacious yet intimate, exuding a quiet simplicity that sets the stage for complete relaxation. Thanks to its size, this personal sauna uses less floor space, making it an excellent choice for smaller homes or apartments. It also uses less electricity which reduces your carbon footprint.

A Personal Infrared Sauna for Everyone

Good things come in small packages with our Joyous 1 Person sauna. This size fits perfectly into any home, particularly one with limited space and is great for someone who enjoys a more personal sauna experience. With 6 powerful carbon fiber heaters, 100% Canadian Hemlock Wood, and a premium sound system, it is easy to see why the Silver collection is so popular. A large glass door and window make the Deluxe 1 Person feel spacious and open, regardless of its interior measurements or location. This sauna packs all the benefits of far infrared heat, some of which include powerful detoxing, lowering blood pressure, lasting pain relief, and deep relaxation, into a size that is suitable for any home. The Joyous 1 Person sauna combines the convenience of a personal space with all the health benefits and functionality of a large sauna.


  • Dimensions:

    90cm (W) x 90cm (D) x 190cm (H)

  • Interior Wood:

    FSC Certified Canadian Hemlock

  • Exterior Wood:

    FSC Certified Canadian Hemlock

  • Back Heaters:

    1 Carbon Fiber Heater

  • Shoulder Heaters:

    2 Carbon Fiber Heaters

  • Leg Heaters:

    2 Carbon Fiber Heaters

  • Calf Heater:

    1 Carbon Fiber Heater

  • Total Number of Heaters:


  • Wattage:


  • Electrical Requirement:

    230V-240V (Australia Standard household outlet)

  • Warranty:

    1 Year Warranty, Upgrade up to 3 year


  • fl-image

    Six (6) Advanced Infrared Carbon Fiber Heaters

    Equipped with superior carbon fiber heaters that are strategically placed to provide full-body coverage while being 80% more efficient than other brands on the market

  • fl-image

    Made from 100% Canadian Hemlock Wood

    We care about our environment so we only source from responsible and sustainable Canadian forests that are FSC certified. Our beautiful wood with natural markings are untreated and unstained, making our cabins chemical free. No plywood or MDF - Never

  • fl-image

    T&G Construction

    Tongue and groove design allows for stronger structural integrity and breathability for wood to naturally expand and contract during sessions

  • fl-image

    Dual-Wall Insulation

    Along with amazing heat insulation, this design allows the inner walls to expand and contract while the outer walls remain stable, permitting your sauna to fit in tight spaces without worry

  • fl-image

    Tempered Glass

    With a high tolerance for heat, tempered glass was an obvious choice, providing great insulation and see-through visibility

  • fl-image

    Easy Assembly

    Unique modular assembly system for easy setup and simple break down to move

  • fl-image

    Premium Sound System

    Two exceptional speakers play your favorite sounds via a Bluetooth amplifier. Includes a volume rocker and on/off switch

  • fl-image

    Digital Control Panel

    Simple, easy-to-understand digital control panel allows you to control the temperature and duration for each session


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  • 5
    New sauna purchase

    Great service, delivered on time, great product, couldn't be happier, have been using this for a week and wish I had one years ago, can't rate the product or ease of the whole purchasing process high enough, thanks.


    13th Oct 2021

  • 5
    Love it!

    I've only been using my one-person sauna for about a week now, but I am already feeling benefits, especially with a sense of inner peace and calm. The sauna was easy to put together, and my husband even moved it from the garage to our house when I decided it was too cold in the garage! The Bluetooth works great, especially for my morning meditations! I would recommend getting the back supports, and I'm looking forward to trying the foot warmer!

    Sarah K.

    12th Feb 2020

  • 5
    Life Changing

    Wow! So pleased with my new Joyous One Person sauna!. It's everything I would have hoped for. I've used traditional saunas in the past, and this is a different thing altogether. Sweat faster, better and just feels awesome. My husband really liked the design and how easy it was for him to assemble. He said that it was the hallmark of a good design. We placed it in our newly added downstairs bathroom and it really is the cherry on top. A spa-like experience at home. :-)

    I do recommend this sauna if you are thinking about one and are tight for space as we were. It feels great and roomy enough for one person, the big glass door is really nice! So far I'm using it twice a day, I love it so much! So glad I bought this!

    Christine Evans

    29th Jan 2020


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