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Your Personal Oasis

Good things come in small packages with the Ensi 1 Person sauna. This size fits perfectly into any home, particularly one with limited space and is great for someone who enjoys a more personal sauna experience. Our Ensi was a pioneer, being the first to feature 6 carbon fibre heaters that have been tested and certified by Intertek and Vitatech to have ultra-low EMF reading on the market. It’s constructed with 100% Canadian Hemlock Wood, maintaining its organic integrity with materials sourced from Canada. Specialty T&G construction enhances the structural strength, while our unique DuraPanels provide optimum heat insulation. This sauna packs all the benefits, some of which include powerful detoxing, lowering blood pressure, lasting pain relief, and deep relaxation, into a size that is suitable for any home.


  • Dimensions:

    90cm (W) x 90cm (D) x 190cm (H)

  • Exterior Wood:

    FSC Certified "Green" Canadian Hemlock

  • Interior Wood:

    FSC Certified "Green" Canadian Hemlock

  • Back Heaters:

    1 Ultra-Low-EMF Carbon Fiber Heater

  • Shoulder Heaters:

    2 Ultra-Low-EMF Carbon Fiber Heater

  • Leg Heaters:

    2 Ultra-Low-EMF Carbon Fiber Heater

  • Calf Heaters:

    1 Ultra-Low-EMF Carbon Fiber Heater

  • Total Number of Heaters:


  • Wattage:


  • EMF Rating:

    Average 0.32mG on the heater surface

  • Electrical Requirement:

    230V (Australian Standard household outlet)

  • Warranty:

    1 Year Warranty. Upgradable up to 3 year



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    This Was Worth It!

    I've been researching in for at saunas for some time now and finally zeroed in on my product, and to be frank I was a little apprehensive because I know getting a quality product, especially after you pay for it, is sometimes a crapshoot.

    When it first arrived to my home I was slightly overwhelmed because I thought it would be an enormous task to put it together. But to my surprise it was quite easy.

    I've had it close to a year now and I have been very impressed and satisfied. I purchased the one with lower EMF and the quality seems to be holding up.
    I love this product and am considering and purchasing another one for my daughter and her husband. She came over 1 day to use it and absolutely loved it so maybe there is a Christmas present down the road for her and her family :)

    Chris Judd

    12th Feb 2020


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